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AYA Sheevaya

Sedona School of Sacred Geometry - Anjali Yoga
Sedona, US
Life is such a wonder-ful orchestra of dancing Beauty! Thank You Universe and Great Spirit of All Beings for the gift of being alive & conscious on Mother Earth now! Thank you for loving each other as One!
A native of France, Aya is a mandala artist, celebration yogi and co-creator of Sacred Geometry, who has dedicated his human life to global service and sacred arts education.

• In 1985, in Santa Monica, CA, Aya received a life-changing spiritual vision prompting him to create a family of airbrushed mandala paintings called the “StarWheels”. This unique collection comprises to date 108 paintings (6 ft x 6 ft), covering over 4,000 sq. ft. The StarWheel Vision calls for another 36 designs to be completed in the future for a total of 144 StarWheel templates. www.starwheels.com.

• Moving to Sedona, Arizona, in 1997, Aya has been involved with sacred arts classes & events, mandala creation, Sedona guided tours, labyrinth making and Sacred Geometry teaching. Aya has had several StarWheel art exhibits, has offered community awareness events at the Sedona Library, is the green caretaker of the Peace Garden at the Sedona Creative Life Center (with Gardens for Humanity), was a speaker at the Sacred Geometry Conference (Sedona, 2004), co-designed several labyrinth sites (The Lodge at Sedona, Magosʼ Ranch...), and has been on the management team of the Raw Spirit Festival in 2006 - 2008.

• Realizing that Sedona was progressively becoming a global spiritual university for many seekers from around the world, Aya founded in 2005 the Sedona School of Sacred Geometry, now also online: www.schoolofsacredgeometry.org.
In the school’s website New Paradigm page, Aya states: “We are living at the extraordinary and exciting times of a global transformation to a higher order of human consciousness... Sacred Geometry is the expression and resurrection of our deep innate wisdom, now awakening from a long sleep: seeing again the all- encompassing, fractal-holographic unity of nature, life and spirit... The keyword is HARMONY.”

• Since 2011, Aya is dancing the body divine, with his re-discovery of yoga, partner yoga and acro-yoga. Anjali Yoga is a synthesis of celebration asanas, prana flows, 6-directions blessings, sacred geometry and bliss of being. Anjali Yoga is an invitation to Dance the Body of Light in the Garden of Life. www.anjali-yoga.org

• Aya's visionary dream is to establish an international eco-village school (School of Harmonic Arts & Media - SOHAM) that would be a garden of creativity helping young people to keep and expand their full cosmic presence. www.starwheelfoundation.org

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